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  1. ピースマーク(千葉県船橋市)のお絵かきラン
    • ChibaKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • SymbolLetter/Symbol/Map

    PEACE on Finabashi, Chiba pref. 4km

    GPS art of peace marks drawn on war heritage✨Run and walk for PEACE! This is a course where you can use GPS art to d…

  2. 向島サークルウォーク(東京都墨田区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • SymbolCircle WalkOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Mukojima Circle Walk 19km

    Short distance, but lots of obstacles! Easy circle walk✨I've come up with the idea of a maniacal event called "Circle…

  3. ボルチモアサークルウォーク(ボルチモア/米国)のGPSアート
    • North America
    • 21 - 30km
    • SymbolCircle WalkOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Baltimore Circle Cycle 27km

    A Circular Course Drawn on the Home of GPS Art Legends🔴✨Baltimore is a port city on the east coast of the United Stat…

  4. 日比谷公園のト音記号(東京都千代田区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • SymbolLetter/Symbol/Map

    G clef in Hibiya Park, Tokyo 2km

    GPS art of drawing a G clef in the middle of Tokyo✨This is a GPS art course where you can draw a G clef in Hibiya Par…

  5. 新宿御苑のト音記号(東京都新宿区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • SymbolLetter/Symbol/Map

    G clef in Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo 2km

    GPS art that can be drawn without densification in the middle of the city✨This course uses the entire Shinjuku Gyoen …

  6. 石垣島サークルウォーク(沖縄県石垣市)38kmのGPSアート
    • Okinawa
    • 31km - 50km
    • Circle WalkSymbolOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Ishigaki Circle Walk 38km

    Japan's Southernmost & Westernmost Circle Walk✨The course is a 3.14km radius circle around Ishigaki Island, the s…

  7. ブリュッセル サークルウォーク(ブリュッセル/ベルギー)のGPSアート
    • Europe
    • 31km - 50km
    • Circle WalkSymbolOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Brusselles Circle Walk 35km

    A perfect circle of radius 3.14 km drawn around the center point of Belgium✨In the center of the courtyard of the Bel…

  8. 函館サークルウォーク(北海道函館市)のGPSアート
    • Hokkaido
    • 31km - 50km
    • Circle WalkSymbolOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Hakodate Circle Walk 33km

    The course of an equilateral circle drawn around Goryokaku✨Goryokaku was Japan's first Western-style fortress. It was…

  9. 旭川サークルウォーク(北海道旭川市)のGPSアート
    • Hokkaido
    • 31km - 50km
    • SymbolCircle WalkOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Asahikawa Circle Walk 38km

    A circle with a radius of 3.14 km drawn in the central city of Hokkaido✨Located in the center of Hokkaido, Asahikawa …

  10. 宮古島サークルウォーク(沖縄県宮古島市)のGPSアート
    • OkinawaKyushu & Okinawa Islands
    • 21 - 30km
    • SymbolCircle WalkOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Miyakojima Circle Walk 27km

    A circle with a radius of 3.14 km on an island in everlasting summer✨This course is a circle with a radius of 3.14km …

  1. 荒川(東京都荒川区)のGPSアート

    Arakawa (荒川) in Arakawa, Tokyo 11km

  2. 台東(東京都台東区)のGPSアート

    Taito (台東) in Taito, Tokyo 7km

  3. 世田谷(東京都世田谷区)のGPSアート

    Setagaya (世田谷) in Setagaya, Tokyo 33km

  4. 中央(東京都中央区)のGPSアート

    Chuo (中央) in Chuo, Tokyo 12km

  5. 練馬(東京都練馬区)のGPSアート

    Nerima (練馬) in Nerima, Tokyo 32km

  1. ミャクミャク様(大阪市)のGPSアート

    Myaku-Myaku in Osaka 41km

  2. TokyoCircleWalk

    Tokyo Circle Walk 32km

  3. Cherry Blossom in Osaka Castle 9km

  4. Cherry Blossom in around Nago Castle Park 16km

  5. Douglas MacArthur in around Yokota Base 33km