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  1. ドムドムバーガーのリック・ドム(東京都浅草)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • CharacterPeople/Character

    RICK DOM @Dom Dom Burger in Asakusa, T…

    Rick Dom drawing on Dom Dom✨Dom Dom Burger, Japan's first hamburger chain, opened a new restaurant in Asakusa Hanayas…

  2. 銀座に描くニコラスケイジのGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • PeoplePeople/Character

    Nicolas Cage in Ginza 13km

    Drawing portraits in the middle of Ginza✨Nicolas Cage is one of Hollywood's most famous actors.This is a course to dr…

  3. 立川に描くてるるのGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • CharacterPeople/Character

    Teruru in Tachikawa, Tokyo 14km

    GPS art to draw local Tachikawa characters✨Today is the end of the rainy season in Tokyo!This is a course to draw the…

  4. 千住に描く金八先生のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • PeopleCharacterPeople/Character

    Kinpachi-sensei in Senju, Adachi ward,…

    A course to draw the representative face of the Senju area✨The person who represents Senju is Kinpachi Sensei! Altho…

  5. 牛久に描く大仏のGPSアート
    • IbarakiKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • CharacterLandmarkLocal SpecialtiesPeople/Character

    Buddha in Ushik, Ibaraki praf. 11km

    The Great Buddha that represents Ushiku!GPS art of the face of Ushiku's famous Big Buddha will be drawn in the city c…

  6. 埼玉県八潮市に描くうまえもんのGPSアート
    • SaitamaKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • CharacterPeople/Character

    Umaemon in Yashio 12km

    Course on drawing of official snack maker's character (^^♪This is a course to draw the image character "Umaemon" at t…

  7. 小田原に描く金太郎のGPSアート
    • KanagawaKanto Region
    • 21 - 30km
    • CharacterPeople/Character

    Kintaro in Odawara, Kanagawa pref. 22k…

    Kintaro, a Japanese fairy tale... It's not✨Kintaro, a famous character from neighboring Minami Ashigara. This is the …

  8. 小池商店に描くけろ吉のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • AnimalCharacterRainy SeasonSeasonPeople/CharacterAnimal/Plant

    Frog in Asakusa, Tokyo 7km

    Recreate "Kerokichi" on Nakamise street with GPSP art 🐌✨.This course depicts Kerokichi, the mascot of Koike Shoten, a…

  9. 静岡市清水区に描く長沢君のGPSアート
    • ShizuokaChubu Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • CharacterChildren's DayPeople/Character

    Nagasawa Kimio in Shimizu ward, Shizuo…

    Course of portray nationally popular child in his hometown🎏✨It was Children's Day.I'm going to draw a child actor fro…

  10. 宇都宮に描くとちまるのコース
    • TochigiKanto Region
    • 21 - 30km
    • CharacterLocal SpecialtiesPeople/Character

    Tochimaru in Utsunomiya 21km

    Course of a local mascot character to be drawn in the center of Tochigi Prefecture✨This is a course to draw Tochimaru…

  1. 新宿御苑のト音記号(東京都新宿区)のGPSアート

    G clef in Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo 2km

  2. 田園調布のジャック・オー・ランタン(東京都世田谷区)のGPSアート

    Jack O’Lantern in Den-en-chōfu, Tokyo 11km

  3. 五所川原のジャック・オー・ランタン(青森県五所川原市)のGPSアート

    Jack O’Lantern in Goshogawara, Aomori pref. 12km

  4. 宇都宮のジャック・オー・ランタン(栃木県宇都宮市)のGPSアート

    Jack O’Lantern in Utsunomiya, Tochigi pref. 16km

  5. 大宮のジャック・オー・ランタン(埼玉県さいたま市)のGPSアート

    Jack O’Lantern in Omiya, Saitama pref. 15km

  1. 東京スカイツリーに描くこいのぼりのGPSアート

    Carp Streamer in around Tokyo Skytree 4km

  2. Cherry Blossom in around Nago Castle Park 16km

  3. Cherry Blossom in Osaka Castle 9km

  4. Douglas MacArthur in around Yokota Base 33km

  5. Around the World in Osaka 20km