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  1. 銀座に描くニコラスケイジのGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • PeoplePeople/Character

    Nicolas Cage in Ginza 13km

    Drawing portraits in the middle of Ginza✨Nicolas Cage is one of Hollywood's most famous actors.This is a course to dr…

  2. 歌舞伎座に描くくまどりのGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • LandmarkLocal Specialties

    Kumadori in around Kabukiza Theatre, G…

    GPS Art in the Middle of Ginza✨Kabuki-za is one of Tokyo's most popular tourist attractions.This is a course to draw …

  3. 立川に描くてるるのGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • CharacterPeople/Character

    Teruru in Tachikawa, Tokyo 14km

    GPS art to draw local Tachikawa characters✨Today is the end of the rainy season in Tokyo!This is a course to draw the…

  4. 鴻巣に描く餃子のGPSアート
    • SaitamaKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km

    Gyoza in Konosu, Saitama pref. 11km

    A course where you can draw a large gyoza and actually go eat it✨This course draws a huge gyoza at a famous gyoza res…

  5. 千住に描く金八先生のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • PeopleCharacterPeople/Character

    Kinpachi-sensei in Senju, Adachi ward,…

    A course to draw the representative face of the Senju area✨The person who represents Senju is Kinpachi Sensei! Altho…

  6. 牛久に描く大仏のGPSアート
    • IbarakiKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • CharacterLandmarkLocal SpecialtiesPeople/Character

    Buddha in Ushik, Ibaraki praf. 11km

    The Great Buddha that represents Ushiku!GPS art of the face of Ushiku's famous Big Buddha will be drawn in the city c…

  7. 埼玉県八潮市に描くうまえもんのGPSアート
    • SaitamaKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • CharacterPeople/Character

    Umaemon in Yashio 12km

    Course on drawing of official snack maker's character (^^♪This is a course to draw the image character "Umaemon" at t…

  8. 長尾神社に描くかえるのGPSアート
    • NaraKinki Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • AnimalRainy SeasonSeasonAnimal/Plant

    Frog in Nagao Shrine, Katsuragi, Nara …

    A course of frog drawing at a prestigious shrine🐸✨Nagao Shrine is a shrine with such a long history that it is hard t…

  9. 柚子のあぜ道に描く雨乞のかえるのGPSアート
    • MiyagiTohoku Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • AnimalRainy SeasonSeasonAnimal/Plant

    Frog in Shibata town, Miyagi pref. 19k…

    A course for frogs to draw in an old private inn named after a frog🐸✨A 170-year-old private house has been renovated …

  10. 番の州公園に描くカタツムリのGPSアート
    • uncategorized
    • 11 - 20km
    • AnimalOni (Japanese Damon)SeasonAnimal/Plant

    Snail in around Bannosu Park in Sakaid…

    A course to be drawn in Kagawa's seaside park🐌✨This is a seaside park that was developed in the Showa era.The park is…

  1. Akita Circle Walk

    Akita Circle Walk 43km

  2. 青森サークルウォーク(青森県青森市)のGPSアート

    Aomori Circle Walk 34km

  3. 郡山サークルウォーク(福島県郡山市)のGPSアート

    Koriyama Circle Walk 35km

  4. アムステルダム サークルウォーク(アムステルダム/オランダ)のGPSアート

    Amsterdam Circle Walk 34km

  5. 川口サークルウォーク(埼玉県川口市)のGPSアート

    Kasukabe Circle Walk 33km

  1. Around the World in Osaka 20km

  2. TokyoCircleWalk

    Tokyo Circle Walk 32km

  3. Douglas MacArthur in around Yokota Base 33km

  4. Cherry Blossom in around Nago Castle Park 16km

  5. Cherry Blossom in Osaka Castle 9km