Edogawa (江戸川) in Edogawa, Tokyo 18km


GPS art of the place name “Edogawa” drawn in Edogawa Ward✨

This is a series of GPS art courses that draw the place name “Edogawa” in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo.
The name of the district is named after the Edogawa River, which runs north-south on the east side of the district. Initially, there was a rule to name the ward after the place where the ward office was established, but this would have resulted in the less well-known name of Matsue-ward. Due to these circumstances, the more well-known Edogawa River was adopted and the ward was named Edogawa-ku.
The course is to be completed by touring both the right and left banks of the Shinnaka River, which flows through the middle of Edogawa Ward. It should be just right for sightseeing in Tokyo, as you can feel the activities of people living by the water.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


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