Your moving trajectory becomes art!
Pioneer Yassan explains about GPS art.

GPS ART is an art category in which you move around while recording your location with Global Positioning System (GPS), and draw pictures and/or messages on the tracks.

Preparation: Find your favorite course.


All courses on this site are categorized by prefecture, distance, and theme.
Just find in your best!


STEP1. Get your course plan.


All course plans are available on Google Maps.
You can import your favorite courses found on this site to your smart phone.
Using MyMaps of Google Maps, you can display the course on your smartphone.
You can simultaneously display the lines drawn on the map and your current location, which makes for great navigation!

Please login with your Google account in advance.
You can also print out Google Maps.



Actually move around, looking at the map you get.
Using a smartphone is even more convenient because it can serve as your navigator!
Use a GPS device to record your trajectory as you move.
Smartphone apps and running watches (GPS watches) are convenient.

Be careful NOT TO LOOK AT THE SCREEN of your smartphone while moving!

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STEP3. Output result


Check the result by PC or smartphone.
Let’s share your result on SNS!

  1. 長尾山妙楽寺に描くあじさいのGPSアート

    Snail in around Myoraku-ji Shrine in Kawasaki, Kanagawa pref. 8…

  2. 静岡市清水区に描く長沢君のGPSアート

    Nagasawa Kimio in Shimizu ward, Shizuoka City 11km

  3. 和歌山城に描くこいのぼりのGPSアート

    Carp Streamer on Wakayama Castle, Wakayama City, Wakayama pref.…

  4. 宇都宮に描くとちまるのコース

    Tochimaru in Utsunomiya 21km

  5. 桶川に描くヘリコプターのGPSアート

    Helicopter in Okegawa 8km

  1. Cherry Blossom in around Nago Castle Park 16km

  2. Cherry Blossom in Osaka Castle 9km

  3. Douglas MacArthur in around Yokota Base 33km

  4. 東京スカイツリーに描くこいのぼりのGPSアート

    Carp Streamer in around Tokyo Skytree 4km

  5. Around the World in Osaka 20km