Creating a Culture of Drawing with GPS.

This is a course sharing site specializing in GPS art, established to expand the culture of drawing with GPS to the general public.

“It made my daily running more enjoyable.”
“It gave me new motivation to run.”
“It gave me a chance to learn more about the area.”

Recently, the number of repeaters who have actually run (or walked) has increased, and I have started to receive comments of appreciation like the one above.

In the 2000’s, when I started GPS art, while I was presenting my own GPS art works, I continued to promote this culture, hoping that it would spread to more people.
I thought that by the time GPS drawing would be recognized, people would probably say, “I’m not good at making my own courses, so I’d like to follow and draw the courses that someone else publishes,” so I’ve been publishing course plans every day on my blog and Twitter since 2018.

Artistic expression using GPS began in the 1990s, just after the start of GPS operation, and the technique of “drawing with the trajectory of movement” was born in 2000, when the accuracy of consumer GPS improved, through a fusion with British land art (a genre of art that uses natural materials such as rocks, earth, and wood to construct works of art in deserts and plains).
Exactly 20 years have passed since then. Now that GPS has become commonplace with the spread of smartphones, the culture of artists and some enthusiasts has reached a turning point.

The global epidemic that began in early 2020 has restricted people’s activities.
It was thought that activities would be restricted due to the expression’s dependence on human movement, but in fact it triggered widespread adoption.
The cancellation of a series of marathons led to the widespread use of online marathons as alternative events.
As a result of many citizen runners participating in running using the GPS function of their smartphones, the “drawing run” became established as a derivative genre.

As the popularity of “drawing runs” has increased, more and more runners have started to present their course plans. However, since the venues for such announcements are scattered, the problem of finding a favorite course has become apparent.
As a solution to this problem, I have redesigned my website into a square specializing in GPS art course plans, where anyone can easily find a course and anyone can publish a course.

The site contains a wide variety of courses that can be enjoyed by both beginners and veterans.
In addition, all the members presenting the course consist only of well-known people who are actually creating GPS art. The course is backed by proven results, so we believe that you can participate with confidence.
We hope you’ll take a look at our masterpiece, and give it a try for real!

January 2021


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