“Dragon” in Ryu-jinja Shrine, Osakasayama, Osaka 12km


GPS art of a dragon drawn at one of Osaka’s most popular Hatsumode spot🐉✨

This GPS art course allows visitors to draw the Chinese character for the Chinese zodiac animal “dragon (龍)” around Ryu-jinja Shrine, a Hatsumode (New Year’s visit) spot in Osaka Prefecture that is associated with the dragon.
There is a legend of a dragon god (a giant snake) at the Ryujinja Shrine by Sayama Pond in Osakasayama City.
A female serpent from Sayama Pond fell in love with a male serpent from Awagaike Pond. The female serpent destroyed the fields along her path, and the villagers, troubled, did not exterminate the dragon god, but welcomed the male serpent and married him. They built a shrine in Sayama Pond and continued to perform rituals, and the damage to the fields ceased. Later, a man living in Kawai met the dragon god and his wife in a dream and promised to build a shrine for them, which he actually did.
Since 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, the Dragon God Shrine may become a popular place for first-time visitors. Please try it as a sightseeing trip to avoid the density 🐉✨

参照:Wikimedia Commons


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