Natto in Mito, Ibaraki pref. 9km


GPS art of straw natto, drawn in the town of natto✨

This course allows you to draw “straw natto (Nattō wrapped in rice straw)” GPS art in the center of Mito City, the city of natto (fermented soybeans).
Mito City is the largest producer of natto in Japan. It is said that the natto industry flourished because it was a suitable use for early maturing soybeans promoted by the Mito Clan in the Edo period. With the opening of the railroad in the Meiji era (1868-1912), natto was sold as a souvenir and became well known. In addition, a natto eating contest is held every year on March 10 (Mito Day).
Since the challenge takes place in every direction in the night entertainment district, so recommend to try it during the daytime. If you visit Mito, please give it a try!

Source: Wikimedia Commons


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