“Dragon” in Sarumiyamaryuhon Temple, Yokosuka, Kanagawa pref. 10km


GPS art of a dragon drawn at one of Kanagawa’s most popular Hatsumode spot🐉✨

This GPS art course allows visitors to draw the Chinese character for the Chinese zodiac animal “dragon (龍)” in the vicinity of Ryuhon-ji Temple, a Hatsumode temple in Kanagawa Prefecture that is associated with dragons.
A dragon holding a “turban shell” instead of a jewel is carved on the main hall of Ryuhon-ji Temple, a Nichiren Shu temple located in Fukatadai, Yokosuka City. The temple originated as the Goura Hokke-do Hall, which was built by Saemonji Ishiwata, a teacher of Nichiren Shonin during the Kenshinkan period (1249-1255). At the entrance to the main hall is a large flat plaque with the inscription “Shonin Taruto,” written in ink by Nakabayashi Orin, a master calligrapher of the Meiji and Taisho eras.
As the name Sarumiyama suggests, the temple is built on the top of a mountain. The route around the temple has many ups and downs, and some of the paths have stairs. Although the distance is short, it may require a certain amount of physical strength.
Since 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, Ryuuko-ji Temple may become a popular Hatsumode spot. Please try it as a Hatsumode that avoids the density 🐉✨

Source: Wikimedia Commons


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