Cherry Blossom in Ueda Castle Park, Ueda, Nagano pref. 10km


Cherry blossom GPS art on the castle of 1,000 cherry trees✨

This is a GPS art course proposal that depicts cherry blossoms around the ruins of Ueda Castle, where approximately 1,000 cherry trees have been planted.
The castle town developed as a strategic point in the Ueda Basin, flanked by the Chikuma River to the south and the Kitakuni Kaido Road to the north. The castle was built in the Warring States Period as a frontline base to confront the Tokugawa clan’s Uesugi clan, and was inhabited by the Sanada clan. During the Edo period (1603-1867), it played a central role as the domain office of the Ueda clan, and after the Meiji period (1868-1912), it began to be developed as an urban park.
Currently, the park is focused on the cherry blossom season, and the “Ueda Castle Thousand Cherry Trees Festival” is held from early April to early May. The center of the work is the Ueda Castle ruins. During the cherry blossom viewing season, visitors can explore the castle town along the Chikuma River and Kitakuni Kaido Road while admiring the thousand cherry trees. We hope you will give it a try!


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