Fish in Kasai Seaside Park, Tokyo 7km


GPS art of fish drawn at the Aquarium and Seaside Park✨

A course of fish GPS art drawing in Kasai Rinkai Park, one of the best metropolitan parks in Tokyo.
In 1989, at the height of the bubble economy, the park opened as a metropolitan park off the coast of Kasai facing Tokyo Bay, zoned under the theme of interaction among greenery, water, and people. In addition to the aquarium, the park features an aviary, artificial beach, Giant Ferris Wheel, barbecue facilities, and other amenities.
The entire course is contained within the park. While touring the vast facilities of Kasai Rinkai Park, you can also draw the fish that symbolize the waterfront area. We hope you will stop by and have a quick draw!

PHOTO: Yassan

Just Did It!

On August 20, in the height of summer, I took on the challenge in the lingering summer heat.
First time in several years I took on this challenge with my son! He did great!


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