Rabbit in Monjudo, Sendai, Miyagi pref. 16km


Rabbit GPS art to be drawn at a Hatsumode spot in Sendai🐰✨

A course of GPS art of a rabbit, the animal of the Chinese zodiac, drawn at a place of Hatsumode (New Year’s visit to a shrine).
The work will be drawn at Monjudo, the guardian deity of rabbits in the oracle goddess faith in Sendai. This work draws a wave rabbit (udatsu ga udatsu ga udatsu ga ukeru, a rabbit of good luck), which sits on the roof of the main hall. The shrine is dedicated to rabbits, and you will find a wide variety of rabbits on the grounds. There is also a charm of the upside-down wave rabbit, which you are welcome to purchase.
Depending on the infection of the plague, it may be difficult to gather… …Please enjoy the zodiac orchids avoiding the density 🐰🐇✨

Wave Rabbits (Namiusagi)
On the roof of Monjyudo is a pair of pottery of a rabbit standing on its head. They are called “hare in the waves,” and are rabbits crossing tiles that resemble waves. The rabbit is closely related to the moon. According to the Chinese theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements, fire represents the sun and the moon represents water. The rabbit is considered to be an animal associated with water, so it was raised to the roof to pray for fire protection. There is also a theory that the image of a rabbit standing on its head is superimposed on “udatsu,” and that this symbolizes the wish for “udatsu ga hiraku” (to have one’s udatsu raised).

Explanatory note on Monjushudo
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