“Dragon” in Hachidai Ryujin Shrine, Fukuoka City 11km


GPS art of a dragon drawn at one of Hakata’s most popular Hatsumode spot🐉✨

This GPS art course allows visitors to draw the Chinese character for “dragon (龍),” the animal of the Chinese zodiac, around Hachidai Ryujin Shrine, a spot in Fukuoka Prefecture that is associated with dragons.
Hachidai Ryujin Shrine, also known as the Eight Great Dragon Kings or Eight Great Dragon Kings, is located in Jonan Ward, Fukuoka City, and was originally a dragon deity brought from Buddhism. In Japan, dragon deities have been worshipped in various regions since ancient times, and dragon beliefs were found in various areas even before Buddhism was introduced. And it seems to have become an object of faith by merging with those beliefs and others. Today, Ganesha, the patron god of Nepal, is also enshrined here, making it a place with an international flavor.
Since 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, Hachidai Ryujin Shrine may become a popular place for New Year’s visits. Please try it as a sightseeing tour to avoid the density🐉✨

Source: Hayara Fudoki| History Local History Local History


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