Catfish in Namazunosato Park, Yoshikawa, Saitama pref. 23km


GPS art of catfish drawn in a town famous for its catfish cuisine✨

A course of catfish GPS art to be drawn in “Namazu no Sato Park” in Yoshikawa City, famous for its catfish.
Yoshikawa City prospered as a distribution center on the river during the Edo period. It was a culture that lived in harmony with the river, and from there, the culture of river fish cuisine was born. The city’s catfish cuisine became so famous that it is said, “Come to Yoshikawa and don’t miss the catfish and eels.
Yoshikawa City has positioned catfish as a symbol of regional development, and has developed catfish-related characters and specialties. In addition to the “Namarin” character, there is a local sake called “Namazu Gozen,” gourmet foods such as “Namazu Tataki” and “Namazu Harumaki,” as well as “Namazu Cola,” manju, and senbei (rice crackers).
This course takes you to the center of Yoshikawa City, as well as to sprawling residential areas and traditional rice paddy fields. You can also rent a bicycle in front of the station. We hope you will enjoy this new type of sightseeing!

Source: 埼玉県庁HP


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