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  1. かえるのトンネルのかえる(東京都墨田区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • AnimalRainy SeasonSeasonAnimal/Plant

    Frog in Kaeru no Tunnel, Sumida, Tokyo…

    Frog GPS art drawn on a frog goods specialty store✨This is a course of GPS art of frogs drawn in the "Kaeru no Tunnel…

  2. 向島サークルウォーク(東京都墨田区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • SymbolCircle WalkOfficialLetter/Symbol/Map

    Mukojima Circle Walk 19km

    Short distance, but lots of obstacles! Easy circle walk✨I've come up with the idea of a maniacal event called "Circle…

  3. 福住の鬼(東京都江東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • Oni (Japanese Damon)Season

    Oni in Fukuzumi, Koto, Tokyo 10km

    GPS art of demons, drawn in the land of demons✨Fuku wa uchi! This is a GPS art course where you can draw demons on “p…

  4. 吉原の堕姫(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 21 - 30km
    • Oni (Japanese Damon)CharacterSeasonPeople/Character

    Dakki in Yoshiwatra, Tokyo 22km

    A pilgrimage to the holy land! GPS art of damon drawn in Yoshiwara✨This is a GPS art course that allows you to draw …

  5. かっぱ橋のかっぱ(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • AnimalLandmarkLocal SpecialtiesAnimal/Plant

    Kappa in Kappabashi Utensils Street 7k…

    GPS Art Course on "Kappa & Bashi" GPS drawing on Kappabashi Shopping Street✨I'm sure everyone in the restaurant b…

  6. スカイツリーのジャック・オー・ランタン(東京都墨田区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • HalloweenSeason

    Jack O’Lantern in Tokyo Sky Tree…

    A course in GPS art drawing on some of Japan's most famous landmarks✨The Tokyo Sky Tree, the world's tallest existing…

  7. 北千住のおばけ(東京都足立区)のお絵かきラン
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • HalloweenSeason

    Ghost in Kitasenju, Tokyo 13km

    Senju's ghost course perfect for drawing run✨Senju, an alluvial lowland in northern Tokyo, is sandwiched between the …

  8. 高田馬場のジャック・オー・ランタン(東京都新宿区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • HalloweenSeason

    Jack O’Lantern in Takadanobaba 1…

    GPS art of pumpkins to be drawn around Shinjuku DASH✨This is a Halloween course that I draw around a certain building…

  9. 東上野のジャック・オー・ランタン(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • HalloweenSeason

    Jack O’Lantern in Ueno 7km

    GPS art of pumpkins drawn on a residential street near the terminal✨Ueno Station is a huge terminal that serves as th…

  10. 谷中霊園のおばけ(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • HalloweenSeason

    Ghost in Yanaka Cemetery 5km

    GPS art of ghosts drawn in a cemetery where many historical figures are buried✨Yanaka Cemetery is one of the most fam…

  1. かえるのお店 RiBBiTのかえる(長野県松本市)のGPSアート

    Frog in RiBBiT, Matsumoto, Nagano pref. 9km

  2. 早水公園のかえる(宮崎県都城市)のGPSアート

    Frogs in Hayamizu Park, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki pref. 20km

  3. カエル池のかえる(神奈川県横浜市栄区)のGPSアート

    Frog in Kaeru Pond in the Araizawa Shimin-no-Mori forest, Sakae…

  4. 南流山3号公園のかえる(千葉県流山市)のGPSアート

    Frog in Minami Nagareyama No.3 Park, Nagareyama, Chiba pref. 16…

  5. 芭蕉堂公園のかえる(青森県八戸市)のGPSアート

    Frog in Bashodo Park, Hachinohe, Aomori pref. 18km

  1. Cherry Blossom in around Nago Castle Park 16km

  2. Around the World in Osaka 20km

  3. 東京スカイツリーに描くこいのぼりのGPSアート

    Carp Streamer in around Tokyo Skytree 4km

  4. ピースマーク(千葉県船橋市)のお絵かきラン

    PEACE on Finabashi, Chiba pref. 4km

  5. TokyoCircleWalk

    Tokyo Circle Walk 32km