Rabbit in Zenkōji Temple, Nagano, Nagano pref. 17km


Rabbit GPS art drawn at a Hatsumode spot in Nagano, Japan🐰✨

A course of GPS art of a zodiac animal, a rabbit, drawn at Zenkoji Temple, a Hatsumode spot in Nagano Prefecture.
Zenkoji Temple is also located in Yamanashi Prefecture, because Takeda Shingen relocated the deity (Zenkoji Nyorai) here during the Warring States Period. At the time, the Nagano area was at war with Niigata led by Kenshin Uesugi, and the deity was relocated to escape the ravages of war. Later, the go-shintai was considered a symbol of authority and was moved from place to place by the authorities of the time before being returned by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
It may be difficult to gather the shrine, depending on the infection status of the plague… Please enjoy our zodiac orchids that are not too dense 🐰🐇✨

GPS ART Courses around Kai Zenkoji, Yamanashi pref.

重要文化財 善光寺山門
Source: Wikimedia Commons


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