Cherry Blossom in around Myōkensan Park 10km

A GPS art course that takes you on a hike through a cherry blossom viewing spot where the entire mountain is colored with cherry blossoms.🌸

Myokensan Park is one of the most famous places in Tokushima Prefecture, where the entire 60-meter-high mountain is colored pink during the cherry blossom viewing season.
About 500 trees including Someiyoshino, Hachisuka-zakura and Yama-zakura have been planted there.
From the ruins of Okazaki Castle in the park, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Naruto City and Awaji Island.
Especially at night in spring, you can enjoy both the illuminated night cherry blossoms and the night view!

This is a project to draw cherry blossoms with GPS art at famous cherry blossom spots all over Japan🌸


Okazaki Castle Ruins
Source: Wikimedia Commons


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