Snail in Amagai, Ibaraki, Ibaraki pref. 12km


Snail GPS art to be drawn in the rainy season🐌✨

Don’t miss out on the rainy season! This is a GPS art course where you can draw snails.
Amagai (雨ケ谷) is a farming village located on the northern bank of the Tomoegawa River. There was a village of Kami-Amagai (上雨ケ谷) to the northwest and Shimo-Amagai (下雨ケ谷) to the southeast. It was under the control of the Shishido clan, but became a tenryo/hagashimonten area during the Edo period (1603-1867).
It is located north of Ibaraki Airport. Due to inconvenient rail access, we recommend that you travel by car. It is a location with a high participation hurdle, but we hope you will give it a try 🐌🐌🐌


  • Kami-Amagai
  • Shimo-Amagai
  • Iwafune Shrine
  • Fujimaeyamakanzeon
  • Teio Shrine


Source: Ibarakimachi Life


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