Silkworm in Tomioka, Gunma pref. 11km


Silkworm GPS Art on a World Heritage Site✨

A course of silkworm GPS art at the Tomioka Silk Mill, a World Heritage Site.
Sericulture has long been flourishing in Gunma Prefecture, and in 1872, a government-run factory was completed in Tomioka. In 1872, a government-run factory was completed in Tomioka, and in recognition of its achievements, it was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2014.
The main gate of the Tomioka Silk Mill is included in the course. In addition, due to its World Heritage status, not only the silk mill but also the surrounding area is a protected scenic area. You can enjoy the retro atmosphere of the city, so please enjoy the town atmosphere as well!

Photo: Yassan

Just Did It!

On August 14, in the height of summer, we took on the challenge under the scorching sun.
The area around Tomioka Silk Mill is enjoyable to walk around the town because of its historical landscape. However, the high temperatures made it difficult. …… There are vending machines here and there along the way, so be sure to use them often to stay hydrated!


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