Jack O’Lantern in Shiki, Saitama pref. 13km


A Halloween course drawn in a bedroom community in Saitama✨

Since the Edo period, the city has developed as a commercial area by boat, and in the Taisho period (1912-1926), the Tobu Tojo Line was laid down, and since then, the city has been connected to Tokyo by rail, and has developed into a bedroom community. On the other hand, although Shiki is located in Saitama Prefecture, it is adjacent to Saitama City, the capital of Saitama Prefecture, but it is only accessible by bus via Fujimi City.
Even though the name is Shiki, the southern half of the course is actually included in neighboring Niiza City. This is a course where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a uniquely developed bedroom community.


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