Cherry Blossom in Shiroyama Park, Tateyama, Chiba pref. 12km


Spring’s First One Step Ahead! GPS art of cherry blossoms✨

This course draws cherry blossoms GPS art in Shiroyama Park (Tateyama Castle), a famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Chiba Prefecture.
The hill where Tateyama Castle once stood has been developed into a park. The castle was built by the Satomi clan in 1580 during the Warring States period. The location overlooks Tateyama Bay, and on a clear day, Mt. Someiyoshino, Oshima-zakura, and Yae-zakura cherry trees are planted in the castle, and the best time to view them is usually in late March, a little early in the Kanto region.
It is becoming a trend that the action restrictions are being lifted. We think it is a perfect place for sightseeing in Boso peninsula 🌸



Source: Wikimedia Commons


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