Cherry Blossom in around Hagi Castle Ruins, Hagi, Yamaguchi pref. 13km

A GPS art course that takes you to the ruins of the castle and the castle town of Hagi, which produced many of the great figures of the Meiji era.🌸

At the Hagi Castle Ruins Shigetsu Park, you can see about 600 Somei Yoshino cherry trees as well as the Midori Yoshino, a natural monument that can only be seen here.
During the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at night in the park, and the Hagi Hakkei sightseeing boat, which runs along the banks of the Hashimoto River and the Hagi Castle Ruins, offers a special cherry blossom viewing course.

Hagi is also known as the birthplace of many of the great figures of the Meiji Restoration.
You can take a tour of the castle town associated with these great men and relive those days.


Hagi Castle Ruins Shizuki Park
Source: Wikimedia Commons


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