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    • Tokyo
    • 11 - 20km
    • SymbolGanbaro NotoLocal SpecialtiesLetter/Symbol/Map

    Ganbaro Noto in Asakusa 11km

    Run and walk to support Noto Peninsula! A GPS art course where you can draw a Noto Peninsula support logo in Asakusa.

  1. 浅草の雷(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • LetterLandmarkLocal SpecialtiesLetter/Symbol/Map

    Thunder (雷) in Asakusa, Tokyo 4km

    GPS art drawing on Asakusa Kaminarimon, one of Japan's most popular tourist attractions✨This GPS art course allows yo…

  2. FOREVER(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • LetterLetter/Symbol/Map

    FOREVER in Tokyo 7km

    Sequel to Message of Peace Drawn in the City of Electricity🕊The second part of the peace message to be drawn in the m…

  3. PEACE(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • LetterLetter/Symbol/Map

    PEACE in Tokyo 5km

    A message of peace drawn in the city of the electric brain🕊Drawing in the middle of Tokyo, a message of peace, Part 1…

  4. 入谷鬼子母神のアサガオ(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • PlantAnimal/Plant

    Morning glory in Iriya kishibojin, Tai…

    GPS art of morning glory drawn at the Morning Glory Market✨A course of morning glory GPS art to be drawn at Iriya Kis…

  5. 蛙大明神のかえる(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • AnimalRainy SeasonSeasonAnimal/Plant

    Frog in Kaeru Daimyojin, Taito, Tokyo …

    Frog GPS art in a retro shopping arcade✨This is a GPS art of a frog, which is drawn on Kaeru (Frog) Daimyojin in Tori…

  6. 上野公園のさくら(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • Cherry BlossomSeason

    Cherry Blossom in Ueno Park, Tokyo 10k…

    GPS art of cherry blossoms to be drawn at a nationally famous Cherry Blossom Viewing spot✨Known as a mecca for cherry…

  7. 吉原の堕姫(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 21 - 30km
    • CharacterOni (Japanese Damon)SeasonPeople/Character

    Dakki in Yoshiwatra, Tokyo 22km

    A pilgrimage to the holy land! GPS art of damon drawn in Yoshiwara✨This is a GPS art course that allows you to draw …

  8. 浅草の鬼舞辻無惨(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • 11 - 20km
    • Oni (Japanese Damon)CharacterSeasonPeople/Character

    Muzan Kibutsuji in Asakusa 20km

    You can draw characters from Demon Slayer ( Kimetsu no Yaiba), GPS art for holy pilgrimage✨This is a GPS art course w…

  9. かっぱ橋のかっぱ(東京都台東区)のGPSアート
    • TokyoKanto Region
    • - 10km
    • AnimalLandmarkLocal SpecialtiesAnimal/Plant

    Kappa in Kappabashi Utensils Street 7k…

    GPS Art Course on "Kappa & Bashi" GPS drawing on Kappabashi Shopping Street✨I'm sure everyone in the restaurant b…

  1. 花とカエル雑貨ranaのかえる(名古屋市南区)のGPSアート

    Frog in rana, Nagoya, Aichi pref. 10km

  2. カエル喫茶のかえる(名古屋市東区)のGPSアート

    Frog in Kaeru Cafe, Nagoya, Aichi pref. 7km

  3. カエル池のかえる(名古屋市千種区)のGPSアート

    Frog in Kaeruike Pond, Nagoya, Aichi pref. 14km

  4. キャナルシティ博多の福蛙(福岡市博多区)のGPSアート

    Frog in Canal City Hakata, Fukuoka 7km

  5. 難波八阪神社の石蛙(大阪市浪速区)のGPSアート

    Frog in Namba Yasaka Shrine, Osaka 6km

  1. 上野公園のさくら(東京都台東区)のGPSアート

    Cherry Blossom in Ueno Park, Tokyo 10km

  2. ピースマーク(千葉県船橋市)のお絵かきラン

    PEACE on Finabashi, Chiba pref. 4km

  3. Cherry Blossom in Osaka Castle 9km

  4. Cherry Blossom in around Nago Castle Park 16km

  5. Douglas MacArthur in around Yokota Base 33km