Shinagawa (品川) in Shinagawa, Tokyo 9km


GPS art of the place name “Shinagawa” drawn in Shinagawa Ward✨

This GPS Art course series draws the place name “Shinagawa” in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.
Shinagawa” is the name given to a settlement that developed around the mouth of the Meguro River, and first appeared in a document dated 1184. There are several theories as to the origin of the name, including that the Meguro River was once called Shinagawa, that it was named Shinagawa in contrast to Takanawa, that it was named after the place where the leather used for armor (shinagawa) was dyed, and that it was named after the Shinagawa clan, the feudal lord of the area.
In addition to sightseeing in Tokyo, the course is complex, so it may be just right for a little orienteering!


Source: Wikimedia Commons


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