Frog in Singing Frog Statues, Suginami, Tokyo 6km


Frog GPS art on a group of frogs✨

This is a course of frog GPS art to be drawn on a frog chorus statue on the Touen-gawa Greenway in Suginami Ward, Tokyo.
Touen-gawa River used to flow from northwest to southeast on the north side of Asagaya. It is now culverted and has been reborn as the Touen-gawa Greenway. As a remnant of the river’s existence at that time, an objet d’art with seven frogs singing in chorus sits at the entrance of the greenway.
If you would like to try your hand at GPS art in the Asagaya area, please try this GPS art!

桃園川緑道のカエルの合唱 像
Source: Source: Frog school @Kyoto


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